The Democratic Party: The Party of and for Morons

The Democratic Party: The Party of and for Morons


by Jonathon Kneeland


I watched both Democratic primary debates in June and was immediately reminded of how greasy and sleazy politics and politicians can be. One candidate felt it necessary to use his meagre access to mic time to inform us that he has a black son – whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. Another quickly interjected something about his lifelong and heroic struggle supporting transvestites. And they all, except for Andrew Yang, parroted the unbelievably stupid mantra that work, innovation, and the people responsible for both, are evil and should be taxed to death. So by the end, only one candidate, despite having just over two minutes of mic time – compared with Biden's thirteen minutes – offered us anything in the way of coherent policy ideas. Again, that was Andrew Yang.


The lowest and longest portion of the debate, and also the sleaziest, was Kamala Harris's attack on Joe Biden. Had Biden not been there, she would have simply used another prop to launch her well rehearsed, and soon to backfire, claims of victim status. Harris and her team had obviously spent some time cooking up and rehearsing a story about Joe Biden once supporting people who might have once known someone who once said or did some imagined thing that was almost racist in some unexplainable way. And, as planned, our corrupt media ran with the exchange and used clickbait headlines to peddle garbage stories claiming that this was the highlight of the debate. Right on cue, everything is once again about race, and this is before the thing even really gets going – morons indeed.


Harris asks us to believe that the country where she became a lawyer, and then climbed, clawed and hacked her way into a coveted and highly competetive position of power and privilege, is inherently racist towards her. This means that she thinks that people who vote for the Democratic Party are morons. Why doesn’t she just come right out and say that the voter she’s after is stupid?


The first thing to notice about Harris is that she is not, and will never be, a victim. She is very tough, very intelligent, and extremely manipulative. Tough and intelligent I'm willing to consider. If you're manipulative in a self-serving and destructive way, I'm not willing to go along. We’ve already paddled in that cesspool with Hillary and her rapist husband, right up until Trump offered to help us portage to less toxic water. Harris interrupted the debate to state that she was the only black person on stage. She then treated us to a pathetically contrived and overly dramatic story about nothing. What does this have to do with policy? Harris used her opportunity on stage to shift the debate away from meaningful policy conversation into racially divisive nonsense. As usual, the Democratic Party prefers tissues, violins, and fabricated narratives to facts, calculators and statistics. What this means is that the Democrats learned absolutely nothing from Trump's victory and they care nothing for the troubles of the average American.  


Bernie Sanders was almost as bad. He bangs on about the evils of corporations and about how he would aggressively tax the innovators and wealth builders. He’s just as deliberately divisive as Harris, except that it’s a class-war he hopes to fuel rather than the racial divisions that Harris likes to create and then exploit. At times, while he was ranting, a small voice would appear in my head saying "Go back to your room, Bernie. The nurse will bring your dinner soon." Bernie, I think you should simply go away, and take Joe Biden with you.              


Joe Biden also offered absolutely nothing of substance to the debate. As usual, he vaguely tried to pass himself off as being for whatever it is that might put him into power. This is despite the fact that he was offered, by far, the most amount of time to speak. It was immediately apparent that it has already been predetermined that Biden will be the nominee. Is this the same corrupt machine that gave us the Hillary Clinton disaster? It almost makes me wonder if they want Trump to win again. If Biden wins the nomination, it will confirm to me that America is in the grip of a terribly corrupt two-party-one-ideology political machine, and that the only thing that will free them is a revolutionary uprising. If this happens, it will not be along race lines, but will consist mainly of Americans united as struggling and discarded workers. They will care nothing about the race of their neighbours or coworkers, and will be united simply as citizens, tired of being constantly played, scammed, and ruled by mediocre and blatant frauds.   

Unfortunately, I have nothing to report on Elizabeth Warren because I fast forwarded every time she started to speak. I’m just not able to take her seriously on any topic after we were forced to learn that she’s very comfortable lying while making use of identity-politics as a self-serving tactic. As far back as at least 1986, where she lied on a State Bar of Texas registration card by claiming to be Native American, Warren has been aware of the manipulative power of identity-politics and has employed the tactic endlessly. I don’t trust her and I think she’s dangerous and divisive. She should find something else to do.


All of this pains me because I am a liberal. If I was a conservative I could simply enjoy the spectacle as entertainment. If I had to choose between Biden and Trump, or Harris and Trump, I'd choose Trump. This ought to alarm the Democratic Party. I'm a liberal right to the core, and I'd vote for a conservative who, for a multitude of reasons, I can't stand, so as to avoid supporting empty race-baiting and the recycling of crappy and useless economic ideas. I'm still puzzled as to why, after losing to a man like Trump, the Democratic Party didn't call an emergency meeting to evaluate its insane and idiotic tactics. Instead, it appears they have chosen to carry on down the same path – morons indeed.  


It appears to me that the only hope the Democratic Party has is Andrew Yang. He is very open with his policies and has really put some thought into them. He has publically stated that he thinks identity-politics is a stupid way to try and win elections – a statement like that should get your attention. He has done two excellent and unscripted long-form interviews (here and here) where he very honestly and thoroughly laid out his policies and the numbers and logic behind them. He appears to want to unite Americans rather than divide them over imagined differences. He is a threat to the status quo – like Trump but through uniting rather than dividing. Perhaps his coherent policies are the reason why he was barely allowed to speak at an event that, while pretending to be a debate, has already, through corruption, selected a pre-determined winner – morons indeed.    

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