MGTOW: Men Gorging Themselves on Whine

MGTOW: Men Gorging Themselves on Whine


by Jonathon Kneeland


As our lives get more and more easy, it gets more and more difficult to ignore the ever growing list of petty grievance groups. It's hard for me to ignore some of these groups because they make up one of my two pet peeves – whiny men and littering. Whining and littering at first glance seem like separate and distinct acts. They're actually more similar than you might think. Both acts inject into the view of general public the perpetrator's laziness, selfishness, and their childish desire to inflict their moral defects on the rest of us. They both make our surroundings messy and unpleasant and spark a desire to immediately get away to anywhere else.  


After years of being forced to listen to transvestites complain about not being allowed in women's washrooms and sobbing about a lack of gaudy rainbow paintjobs at intersections, we are now treated to the spectacle of men whining and threatening to "go their own way" after getting a small taste of the consequences of their own poor decisions and even poorer personalities. I only heard of the term MGTOW (men going their own way) recently and, like I always do when I hear of a new social/political group, I explored a bit to find out more about the group's hysterical adherents.


MGTOWs are men who feel oppressed by women. More specifically, they have grievances ranging from a hopeless inability to ever bed any woman, to having had success at least once in that endeavour, but then ended up feeling victimized after failing to keep the prize securely in their custody. Others complain of having married and produced children, only to be discarded and dragged through a grueling and financially crippling legal process after she made the decision to end the relationship and escape with a man more to her liking. To this last scenario there may be some real merit, as we know that not all females are of marriage or mother quality, and this fact does not always reveal itself before the love struck victim is completely entangled and plans his life accordingly. However, in this case, it would be better to view the breakup as an opportunity to seek adventure rather than degrade into self-pity and resentment. No bad woman should be sufficient to permanently put off any man to the enjoyment that a good woman will bring into his life.     


MGTOWs brand themselves as the casualties of female vileness and join echo-chamber blogs and chat-groups. There, they share victim stories and become more and more radicalized in their hatred of women and more and more reassured in their status as morally superior victims. MGTOWs are not alone in this behaviour, as it seems that all petty grievance groups find comfort in this bizarre activity that leaves them in an alternate world that is void of anything that could stand up to even the most basic opposition.   

A member of offering us a window into his mind.

A member of offering us a window into his mind.

The above statement "the evil in women's hearts..." is depressing to read. This man has obviously never really gotten to know a decent woman, or worse, he simply doesn't understand anything about men or women. Like most men, I've seen women in action. I've seen them full of passion and remaining loyal and devoted to the man they love, despite serious financial struggles or other hardships. I've seen them care for children and elderly parents with dedication, courage and commitment. This fills me with admiration. I've seen levels of intuition and thoughtfulness that most men simply aren't capable of displaying. I've not seen evil in women's hearts. I've seen passion, courage, loyalty, commitment, compassion, and a high level of skill in navigating the male mind. If you do find a woman with evil in her heart, I recommend staying away from her. However, I think that this is rare and is not something the average man is going to encounter.             

I have some advice for the whiners among us, and the MGTOWs are free to make use of it as well. After I offer this small bit of general advice to all whiners, I'll go on to offer the MGTOWs some specific advice related to their particular brand of sobfest.


There are many reasons that I hate whiny men and I'll share some of them with you. Both my grandfathers endured the Depression and then participated in the Second World War. Had I been born in Europe the generation before them, it is almost certain that I would have been sent off to war and probably killed by either poison gas or machine-gun fire after a miserable time in a muddy trench. And this would have all happened before I was old enough to even have been able to find myself alone with a woman – never mind complaining about one. Men used to mine coal by hand and frequently died in accidents doing it. Elderly relatives have told me stories of the old days of logging on horseback where "men used to get killed like flies in the mountains." For much of our history, families would sometimes lose half their children to disease or farming mishaps. These realities forced themselves onto people who had no choice in the matter. People endured these hardships with courage and dignity. The pointlessness of whining must have been too obvious and that is perhaps why people didn't bother. When I ponder these facts, it's often enough to relieve even the vicious sting of running out of storage on my iPhone.


Our lives are easy. They are too easy, which is why we seem to be producing an excess of self-absorbed whiners and cry-babies. If you were born in Canada, the United States or Europe anytime in the last seventy years, and you're healthy, you have absolutely nothing to complain about. The first thing to realize is that you're alive – so far so good. It gets even better – no one is trying to kill you. You've likely been vaccinated and have no fear of getting polio. Your kids can walk to school without fear of being hacked to death with a machete. You can change jobs if you like, and you're free to choose your own romantic relationships. If you want to, you can suppress your impulses in favour of frugality and save much of your income and retire early. Humans have never had things so good or so easy. You could be homeless, collecting welfare and empty cans, and still be better off than your distant ancestors. So please, stop your bloody whining, all of you.


To MGTOWs in particular I'll add to my above advice, that you stop whining and feeling sorry for yourself, the fact that you completely misunderstand the female of our species. We are the product of evolution. Women are not supposed to be easy – you must compete for them. And generally speaking, the higher the quality the woman, the more difficult she is to manage. A high quality female requires much effort and patience, but the reward makes it all worth it. So if you put some half-assed effort into the object of your romantic interest and botch it, you ought to reflect on your own errors and defects and try and correct them before you have another go. Once you've identified your potential mate, you should naturally become highly focused on your prize; this is where evolution takes over and gives you a boost. Actually, evolution has already taken over and identified your potential mate for you. If she shows no interest, it's not her fault. If you must blame something other than yourself, then blame evolution.   


It appears from MGTOW propaganda that men under the label wish for easy-to-manage women they can control for life. I can't imagine a more undesirable romantic arrangement. It is not worthwhile looking for an easy-to-manage woman; you'll die of boredom, you’ll never fully develop as a human being, or you’ll soon be looking for something more challenging. A decent woman should be frustrating, occasionally infuriating yet impossible to resist. You should be near the limits of your abilities to keep her within your grasp – nature has intended that it be this way. If it's the case, then you have likely found your match – you're being tested by nature. If you succeed in staying together long enough, you'll possibly end up as very serious and caring friends. Having a reliable and faithful high-quality companion to spend your life with is the reward for real work put in. Nothing worthwhile is easy.


If you must go your own way, please do so quietly and stop whining about it. You're hurting my ears at least as much as any woman has hurt your ego. However, I recommend that you don't go your own way. I recommend that you persevere and that you keep trying – the potential rewards are immense. You have been shaped by evolution to find a mate. It's the most important thing that humans do and it's very unlikely that you will remain emotionally healthy without satisfying this basic and very deeply engrained evolutionary requirement. To succeed in this, you might spend less time on line, avoid pornography, and make finding a decent woman your main goal. Men have survived wars, famine, extreme poverty, the Ice Age, and they have explored and conquered the planet. Surely, even a very mediocre man should be able to find a decent woman and build a life with her.

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