Doug Ford: I Don't Like Him and I'm Glad He Won

Doug Ford: I Don't Like Him and I'm Glad He Won.

by Jonathon Kneeland


I don't personally care for Doug Ford; I find him uninteresting, inarticulate, unintelligent, and I don't see any sign of a principled or reliable moral compass in him. Yet he leaves me wondering, as do many politicians, if this is the best we have to put forward from our millions of citizens. Perhaps our best are uninterested, and that's a shame. I think that maybe if we treated our politicians better, we might see a higher quality pool of individuals running. Whatever the case, we now have Doug Ford as premier. If all I was writing was this single paragraph, I would likely be in agreement with the entire political Left – of which I used to be a supporter and sometimes a paying member.


I've offered my opinion of Doug Ford here for a reason, and for argument sake, I'm going to grant the Left all of their criticism of Ford as if it were accepted fact. Let's even say, for argument sake, that the most vicious criticism of Ford is now settled science. So, on the quality of Ford himself, I have no argument with the Left. The reason for his victory, however, is where the argument begins and is also the crucial knowledge that the Left should seek. But they aren't and they won't – they'll obfuscate and place blame in a fit of delusion and self-pity.      


It was no surprise Doug Ford won the election, everyone knew it was coming. The Left was empty of new ideas and we've all had enough of the manic recycling of identity-politics and the irritatingly naive and dangerous equity game. Decent and harmless Canadians have grown tired of being told they're racists and misogynists. The citizens are beginning to see through the cult of political correctness and its demands of perpetual guilt and shame. One might think this is all quite simple enough to understand, but maybe it's not.  


Many on the Left have compared Ford to Trump. Ford's victory is similar to Trump's in that it is clearly a response or a reaction to the insanity of the Left. Many on the Left have also said that both victories are due to misogyny and racism. You might wonder how daft one would have to be to say or write such a thing, as what does this say about the women and the minorities who voted for Trump or Ford? Are they racists and misogynists as well?


These are the very ugly traits that seep out of the Left whenever they lose lately; what we see here is a careless and dangerous dishonesty, arrogance, self pity, and exceptionally lazy thinking. This makes me extremely thankful that the Left was massacred at the polls this time around. 


Here is a headline from a mainstream Canadian newspaper:


We can see above that The Star has taken another full speed head down run at the wall in the belief that a hard enough impact might actually invert reality in favour of the Left, and in doing so, have failed to notice anything important about the mood of the voters. Sure, there may have been the odd vile misogynistic tweet directed at Wynne, but these are likely from people who are extremely frustrated and suffering real-world problems as a result of her ineptness and bizarre policies, and lack the ability to express themselves in a civilized and coherent way. I'm not justifying the behaviour; rather, I'm simply dismissing the frustrated ranting of a few social misfits or mentally ill trolls as unimportant in the general scheme of things. Or, as an old industrial mechanic friend of mine used to say to me when I got overly worked up about something trivial, "it's nothing on big ship." To use my friend's analogy, Ontario is a big ship, and a few misogynistic tweets really are nothing. The real reason that Wynne had ultralow ratings is that people have had enough of continually being reminded to atone for non-existent racism and misogyny in the most welcoming, generous, non-racist, and non-misogynistic country in the world.    


The Star actually has a "race and gender columnist". Nothing says mainstream journalism is finished like giving space to Shree Paradkar to help grow the politically efficient and sleazy cult of self pity and resentment: 


Shree Paradkar providing political advice is like Benny Hinn training oncologists. One could simply dismiss the fraudulence of her work as a careless and slightly mean joke played on the disordered and resentful, except for the fact that it actually does contribute to making things worse for people in the real world. As with most of the sales crew in the race and gender racket, Paradkar seems to be without a conscience or an intellect capable of introspection. And as is always the case with her type, people are left wondering if she is a conscious or unconscious fraud. Does she actually believe what she is spewing? It seems to me to be a conscious con-job. A Shree Paradkar column is no different than a Tom Vu infomercial. The Star provides a platform for it, and so what does this say about them?              


In the article below, Maclean's magazine informs us that you're not a good person if you don't vote for one of the far-Left parties:


Apparently, the takeaway is that a vote for Wynne and the party that caused seniors to have to choose between electricity and food makes you a good person, while voting for the party that didn't cause the fiasco makes you not so good. Maclean's appears to be running for title of magazine most likely to cause brain damage. Luckily, its readership is in decline. Here are some numbers that cheered me up:

Maclean’s paid readership between 2010 and 2016:

2010: 349,786

2011: 335,632

2012: 316,722

2013: 304,059

2014: 282,815

2015: 249,020

2016: 225,963


I'm guessing that what is happening here is that as people read Maclean's, they become unemployable and without friends and are then forced to cancel their subscriptions. I don't know how long it would take someone to recover from being a Maclean's reader or if the damage is permanent. I've recovered from listening to the CBC while growing up and so it appears as though recovery from this type of thing is possible.  


And where else but the taxpayer-fueled cash burning CBC would you find something as offensively stupid as this?



The CBC appears to have made half-baked clickbait journalism into an art. However, if they were forced to face the market with their own money, they would have fallen into cannibalism by now just to stay alive, and there'd only be one on-the-dole huckster left to bang away on his state purchased keyboard. People with talent and self-respect produce airplanes or ships with the kind of money the CBC arrogantly and recklessly burns through every year, and they do it without telling their shareholders that they're lowly and disgusting misogynists and racists. This isn't the first time the CBC has informed us that being white or male is a problem, and it won't be the last unless someone can convince the entire country to refuse to pay a penny more in taxes until the wretched CBC have been bulldozed and buried. In fact, I'd love to make a deal with our government: You give me the CBC budget and I'll rid this country of homelessness. That's a win-win deal if I've ever seen one.


What we can gather from all this is that the Left is now doubling down on the very things that caused them to get hammered at the polls to begin with. They've learned nothing. Many people voted for Ford for the sole reason that they were tired of being told that they're racists and misogynists. The Left then loses the election and blames it on rampant racism and misogyny. Yes, this is the definition of insanity.


The Left has been running a massive con-job for decades now, and it's starting to fall apart as more and more people are able to see through it. Let them criticize Ford and Trump all they like - they're arguing against themselves. The worse Doug Ford actually is, the worse it is for the Left. They have to face the fact that they lost to him. This fact seems to escape them completely.  I'm glad that both Trump and Ford are less than ideal candidates; had they been excellent candidates, then it might not have been so obvious what terrible shape the Left is in.      


For people on the Right, this must all be comical. I don't blame them for laughing. It must be enjoyable watching the Left implode and fall into absurdity. For those who are on the Left, and who care about it, it must be troubling to watch an important movement self-destruct in this way. For your average left-leaning liberal, an obvious question arises: Do I stick with the Left or do I vote for the Conservatives until the Left pulls itself together? Judging from recent events at the polls, many are opting for the latter. I've had to do exactly that and I'll continue to do it until the Left purges its ranks of exploitive con-artists, anti-science morons, success-haters, and users of the poor and the homeless.


Every morning, I ride my bike to work and travel through an area that is home to high numbers of homeless people and drug addicts. There are tents all over the place, discarded needles, shopping carts, stolen bikes, and the odd prostitute passed out on the sidewalk. This problem grows and grows and never seems to get any better. The city I live in has been run for three terms now by far-left politicians. I think that they hate the homeless but love homelessness, and are happy to see the numbers remain high as it gives them something to carry on virtue-signalling and vote-pandering about. When I see the miserable people milling about early in the morning – some of them nearly dead – I wonder if they have any idea they are being used. They're kept alive, barely, by the homeless industry, so that con-artists can keep guilting people into voting for them. In this way, the modern left politician is more like a bedbug than a human being.


We're to blame as well; we vote for people who pretend they care for the downtrodden so that we can pretend to feel good about ourselves without actually having to do anything. The Left are masters at exploiting both sides of this wretched game.


If you are like me and have a natural tendency to the Left, the best thing you can do is to stop voting for the Left. This seems counter intuitive, I know. It will be good for the long-term, though, and will help all of us. When a tree in the forest is rotten and corrupt, the best thing that can happen for the forest is for the tree to get struck by lightning and burned to ash. New growth will then take place and will support all kinds of new life.


I think that Doug Ford might be the lightning that is needed to clear the way for new growth on the Left. Otherwise, the Left will continue to decay and decline. If it stays on its current trajectory, it will become even more ridiculous than it currently is. This is the time for introspection on the Left; if everything the Left says about Doug Ford is true, then there is much soul searching to do. If you've lost to Doug Ford and you've lost to Donald Trump then you really are in a bad way and no one should vote for you.


The humane thing is to help see the Left out of its misery and make way for the left-proper. The left-proper doesn't hate the rich. They like science and can actually tell the difference between a man and a woman. They know that bullying people isn't cool and so they don't force people to lie to themselves and others to appease the political-correctness cult leaders and the maligned and destructive elements within the Left. They know that measured competence is important and that eliminating competency requirements for some groups is a demeaning and racist venture that will lead in the end to, at least a few people dying. They know that we live in an amazing country in an amazing time and that we owe a lot to those who came before us. The left-proper knows all of this. They also know that unless they remove the rot they are finished, and that will hurt the poor and the homeless more than any far-right political party ever could.             


I don't like Doug Ford and I'm really glad that he won. 


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