Facebook: The World's Worst Customer Service

Facebook: The World's Worst Customer Service


I had a personal Facebook page and a page for my Squarespace site: newcenter.ca

I was boosting posts and got up to about $150.00 a month in ad costs. Then, all of the sudden, this is what happened when I went to log in one day after paying just over $150.00 in ad costs to Facebook:


I followed all of the instructions for getting back into my page but nothing worked. It is impossible to get in touch with anyone at Facebook. Next, I received this survey, along with invitations to increase my ad budget:




Next, I began communications with a person from the advertizing department of Facebook. He tried, over a period of two weeks to find out what was happening with my account. He ended up giving up and said that I would have to try and get through to Facebook some other way because he had exhausted all of his options. He was clearly frustrated over the incident. Here is just a handful of our communications:   



Here is our last communication: 



Today, when I got home from work, I found another $12.00 charge on my credit card from Facebook, despite the fact that they disabled my account weeks ago:  




I have no way to contact anyone at Facebook and have received no explanation from them. My blog material, while political, is very centrist and contains nothing that violates Facebook's terms. What kind of company, without warning, disables your main platform and then continues to take money from you?


There is a serious need for competition and regulation in this market. I have no doubt about this after my recent experience with Facebook. They are completely out of control and exhibit a level of arrogance and disregard that is begging for regulation and the breaking up of their monopoly.


Here I sit, frustrated, unable to access my account or communicate with them, while I wait for the next Facebook charge on my credit card. Please help me by sharing this as far and wide as you are able. I have no other way to get their attention.


Jonathon Kneeland