The Importance of Hating Jordan Peterson

The Importance of Hating Jordan Peterson

by Jamie Mason        


Minutes of the Central Committee Meeting on Cultural Marxism




Thank you, Comrades, for that rousing chorus of "The Internationale." And I would like to especially thank the Committee of Party Wives and Daughters for not only preparing that lovely meal but also, in so doing, overcoming their understandable reluctance to embrace traditional gender roles. It is true, my sisterly comrades, that your talents would be much better spent calling out privilege, attacking misogynist racists and winning important battles in outer space. But, alas, we male Party members have expended so much effort in shaping the ideological direction of Western culture that we've had no time left over to learn practical things like how to cook a meal or hold down a job. For your willingness to frequently do both on our behalf, my thanks.


Before I begin my remarks, it is important to remember our many victories to date in the war for cultural control, our greatest being to conceal our very existence from those we attack. We have managed to do this by entirely conflating the term "Marxism" with the now-defunct USSR. The word "Marxist" for most people these days conjures images of gulags and bread-lines, not university campuses, internet podcasts or literary soirees. But these places are the ideological milieu of our movement and the natural habitat of that most invaluable of useful idiots, "the Social Justice Warrior." By so snarling and short-circuiting the cultural conversation and derailing it into a kind of nostalgiac sentimentality, we have convinced our enemies to expend energy into re-fighting cultural battles that are decades old and, in so doing, effectively reversing any gains already made. And so we have feminists attacking the enemies of suffragetism, homosexuals re-fighting the Battle of Stonewall and Negroes agitating to end the practice of lynching.


All of these historic causes occupy a place of emotional resonance within the Western heart, and so it has been realtively easy to convince otherwise intelligent moderns to rally to them. And this victory  is emblematic of both our ideological thrust and core achievement to date. Preoccupation with decades-old battles distracts the masses from addressing the mechanics of modern racial and economic inequality (to say nothing of their own ideological enslavement). This strategy has the added benefit of replacing thought with feeling, the utility of which cannot be understated. After all, thinking people must be convinced while feeling people must merely be swayed. And, with the modern convenience of the internet, it takes but a few viral posts, memes, images or video snippets to sway thousands. And the prevailing winds have been blowing, I am pleased to report, very much in our direction. These winds will serve to further enflame the fires of cultural discord, the smoke of which provides the necessary cover for our long march through the institutions. It is more important than ever to keep these winds blowing, now that victory is within our grasp!


For we have conquered the academy. We have conquered the primary/secondary educational apparatus in the west. And our now-liberalized media helps reinforce the world-view injected into the "bold, free thinkers" we graduate from the ideological mould-presses that are our modern retail educational outlets. We have got them thinking instead of feeling. We have them fighting battles that were won or lost decades ago. But mostly - and I think this, above all - we have relieved them of the burden of personal responsibility. Instead, they now come equipped with a sense of boundless entitlement, all the better prepared to ask not what they can do for their country, but what their country must do for them. By setting the boundaries of entitlement ever further afield, by working to proscribe acceptable language, curtail debate and provide safe spaces wherein individuals can be shielded from worldviews different from our own, we ensure that our project of fragmenting society and atomizing it into warring grievance groups continues apace. Any voices raised against this must be quashed. That is why it is more important than ever to attack our ideological enemies. Enemies like Dr. Jordan Peterson ...


[lengthy pause for crowd reaction]


Yes, comrades. I speak of That Man. I can tell by your cat-calling that he is known to you. Or - at least - his name is familiar. I should hope that the majority of you have done the Responsible and Politically Correct thing of never once exposing yourselves to his ideas! For, indeed, such notions are toxic kryptonite to our movement. Dr. Peterson (a veritable Dr. Mengele of social thought!) is insistent upon the regressive primacy of the individual. Perish the notion! After decades of carefully working toward the abolition of Man (the abolition of men being next) we find ourselves fighting an unexpected rear-guard action by a so-called intellectual who demands the unthinkable: that people think for themselves.


As observed elsewhere, thinkers must be convinced while those who feel need merely be swayed. That we have successfully made progress toward the goal of ridding people of thought, of getting them to respond to every emotional itch by screeching denunciations and virtue signalling has, to a great extent, been helpful in denouncing Jordan Peterson. (Indeed, proclaiming hostility toward this "Dr. Mengele" is a popular knee-jerk virtue signal tactic among the au-courant Left.) But progress has recently been slowed by publication of Mengele's latest book ("12 Rules for the Deconstruction of the Workers' Socialist Utopia") as well as a series of high-profile television appearances. The most notable, involving our British comrade Commissar Cathy Newman, had the disastrous side-effect of exposing the feeling/thought dialectic inherent in our public discourse. Comrade Newman attempted again and again to mis-state the doctor's opinions and then attack those mis-statements. Again and again, Mengele corrected her. By the end of the interview, it was obvious what the good Commissar intended. And so a main pillar in our ideological strategy cracked wide for all to see.


We must read the Kommissar's failure as indicative of what a single active intelligence can do to an attempted enforcement of Politically Correct group-think. Rather than meekly accept that he is simply a misogynist enemy of multi-cultural justice and diversity, Peterson insisted on correcting her mis-statements of his views and defending them. Take a moment and consider that.


HIS views.


Comrades, the danger of this cannot be underestimated. In order for a movement like ours to maintain its momentum and successfully complete its long march through the institutions, ideological purity must be jealously guarded! This is impossible if people think for themselves. Thinking must be reserved for comrades with a sufficient level of ideological purity to act as arbiters of which topics may and which topics may not be discussed in public. How can such ideological referees act when individual comrades begin insisting on their own individual viewpoints? It would be anarchy! (At the very least, a form of anarchy we cannot direct to our own ends ...) Dr. "Josef Mengele" Peterson, in championing the individual mind and conscience, is practicing nothing less than vivisection on the socialist body politic.


Just when our goal of totally subordinating of male impulses to female control is within our grasp, this vile serpent emerges in our ideological Eden and proffers young men the Apple of duty, responsibility and purpose. The triumph of our cultural Marxist male ideal - vulnerable, clingy, self-loathing and obsessed with female approval - is an important lynchpin in our victory over western civilization! But what is at risk when these fine young culture warriors are suddenly encouraged to cut their hair, clean their rooms and seek a higher purpose beyond their own immediate impulse gratification? Nothing less, comrades, than the extinction of our entire movement!


We must struggle ever harder for ideological purity. We must seek to confine to depredations of Dr. Mengele-Peterson to the fringe - the hinterlands - of culture. Places like broadcast news networks and the New York Times and Amazon best-seller lists. We must encourage nothing but contempt for the man and his ideas. We must seek to undermine individuality, reason and personal responsibility at every turn.


There can be no individuality beyond loyalty to the Party.




There can be no reason beyond Party ideology.


[more cheers, applause]


And Personkind's only responsibility is to the Party.


[spontaneous, five-minute standing ovation]


And so comrades, yell and scream! Deflect and derail! Pile the debris ever-higher on the dumpster fires of Kulturkampf. We must turn hatred of this modern Mengele into a cult. He must be made to perish in the righteous flames of our ideological purity! He must be sacrificed - as individuality itself must be sacrificed - to the greater good of collective conscience. One cannot understate the importance of hating Jordan Peterson. Let that hate be our guiding principle. And let the pustule of our outrage burst and our spleen wash forth to cleanse the world.

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