Butts' Musings on Peoplekind: He's Joking and You're a Nazi

On February 1st of this year, at a town-hall meeting in Edmonton, Justin Trudeau made a very telling and careless slip. A young woman was attempting to ask him a question that contained the word mankind. Trudeau interrupted her to inform her that the correct term to use was "peoplekind". He said that the term peoplekind was more inclusive. Trudeau's long-time friend and senior political advisor to the Prime Minster, Gerald Butts, further betrayed Trudeau's comments, along with the general mindset of the Liberal Party of Canada, when he suggested that those mocking Trudeau's gaffe were "Nazis". Both statements reveal a serious moral deficit, as well as the calculating exploitation of a growing culture war, and this should be a warning to Canadians.


When Trudeau first made the comment, the immediate aftermath was one that consisted of a media and pundit consensus that this was political-correctness gone too far. I watched a video of the event very carefully several times and that's not what I thought at all. I thought, based on his voice and his body language that he was joking. Later, after much pressure and global mocking, he confirmed the fact that he was joking. This is not good.


The reason that this is not good is that, as I first thought when I saw the video, the joke slipped out spontaneously and appeared to be the product of his awareness that he was involved in the manipulative con-game known as identity-politics. It was exactly the type of slip that the overconfident con-man - or con-person if you like - makes. He was in fact joking, and this is due to the fact that he knows that political-correctness and inclusivity are jokes - logically and morally at least. His party is very serious about political-correctness and inclusivity and they spend a lot of time peddling them. That Trudeau is aware of the fact that these things are jokes can only lead to one conclusion: he is running a political con-job. The joke he made is exactly the type of joke that someone opposed to political-correctness would make about a term like mankind. If the joke had come from a known opponent of political-correctness there would be nothing to talk about. When the joke comes from a serious peddler of political-correctness, and a self-proclaimed male feminist, it should raise an eyebrow. This reminds me of a statement that the late Christopher Hitchens made. He said, " ...it’s a tiny thought experiment..., “If you hear the Pope saying he believes in God, you think, well, the Pope’s doing his job again today. If you hear the Pope saying he’s really begun to doubt the existence of God, you begin to think he might be on to something.”


After much mocking internationally, and after Trudeau made the admission that he thought inclusivity was worthy of mocking, Gerald Butts, while in a childish twitter confrontation with various internationally know journalists, made the startling claim that those mocking Trudeau were "Nazis". A bit of unpacking here starts to put everything into perspective and clear up a lot of mystery. The word Nazi is used frequently by organizations like Antifa - the violent globalist radical-left movement that came up with the phrase "punch a Nazi". Butts was using the Antifa definition of the word Nazi, as they also use it to describe anyone who disagrees with a far -left globalist position on any topic. I cannot be persuaded to believe that Butts decided to use the word Nazi randomly. It is part of the modern popular vernacular of the far-left globalists. It is no accident that he chose to use this term. His use of the word ought to be alarming to every Canadian.


Both Butts' use of the word Nazi and Trudeau's careless joke about inclusion demonstrate that both men are deeply familiar with the current culture war that is being waged in the Western world and are using that war to their political advantage. It is extremely important that Canadians let the Liberal Party of Canada know that we are not interested in playing this game and that we expect our leaders to be looking out for the long-term health of our Country. Our Country cannot afford to be dragged into dangerous and divisive identity-politics games so that a party without a platform can hold onto power. Trudeau has made it clear that he thinks this game is a joke and Butts' miserable attempt to come to Trudeau's aid only served to make things much worse. It's time to tell these two that the game's up and it's time to go.   


Jonathon Kneeland   

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