Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party's Descent into Identity Politics

It is hard to say when I first suspected that Justin Trudeau's combination of charm, charisma and crowd-pleasing might become a problem. I suppose it likely began when I noticed that the CBC began fawning on him as soon as he became the leader of the Liberal Party. I say this because by that time, the once great CBC had morphed into an identity-politics echo-chamber. Its left-leaning comedy shows had become overtly political and clearly in favour of the Left - even the Far Left. I also have to confess a slight bias against hereditary rule - be it imposed or elected. I realize that this is a bias that doesn't stand up to much scrutiny, but it is there and I think I'll hang onto it.


I do remember being quite concerned when I first read that Justin had described himself as a "feminist". I have no issue with feminists as long as they are women and as long as they are making sound arguments. In fact, I am a serious fan of many historically prominent feminists, even though I prefer reason and the exploration of individual ideas to any ism. The internet is now awash with comical commentary on the male feminist - and rightly so. It's cringe-making when a man proclaims himself a feminist and it's about time that the sickly concept was put under a microscope.


Apart from the fact that I have much too much respect for women to think that they would require or even want this type of help from men, I find the claim of male feminism to be either condescending or manipulative - depending on if the claim is made genuinely or deceptively. If it is made genuinely then it betrays a feeling of general superiority - so much so that an overt display of effort in the way of charity is warranted. If it is made deceptively, for sexual or political gain, then perhaps something more sinister reveals itself. In either case, I think that men should simply respect women as equal citizens and as individuals and steer clear of claims of male feminism. Women, as any thinking person can see, are quite capable of fending for themselves. And besides, the dignity and self respect that comes along with succeeding on your own is worth far more than anything that a self-serving and virtue-signalling meddler could ever bring to the table.     


Now that we have gotten the simply irritating out of the way, we will now move on to the deadly. In the same way that Mr. Trudeau shamelessly promotes himself as a feminist, he also seems to find it politically beneficial to apply this same tactic to ethnic or cultural differences between different identifiable groups of people. This is cringe-making for the same reasons as mentioned above. The results however, are more serious.  Men and women can fight and bicker all they want about equality and oppression or any of the other trendy Marxist foolishness - but at the end of the day they need each other and are biologically programmed so that this is the case. With different ethnic or cultural groups, it is not the case.


When distinct groups of people are manipulated into filling the role of the oppressed and told that they are victims and that their oppressors are a different identifiable group, hatred and violence won't be far behind. We know this both from distant history and from recent events. While it might help Justin Trudeau in the short-term politically, the damage to our society will be much longer lasting and much more serious. There is no way to accurately predict what the effect of all of this will be. We know that in the US, we have at least four examples of what more than a decade of relentlessly pumping identity-politics into the culture, by the Democrats, has resulted in. We have President Trump, Far-Left Radicals destroying property and assaulting people, actual Neo Nazis marching in the streets, and universities that are almost completely corrupt. Most of this can be directly attributed to the rise of identity-politics and political-correctness.


Identity-politics and political-correctness actually have a symbiotic relationship. It requires the suppression of thought and reason to advance identity-politics and political-correctness fills that role quite nicely. As we can now see, the result is a snowball effect that ends in chaos and violence. I think that people should spend some time googling Antifa violence and then watch the most recent NRA video. After you do that, ask yourself if you think we need more, or less, identity politics. I'll happily take less.                


Trudeau and his party frequently recycle terms such as diversity, equality, and inclusion, while at the same time, use terms like oppression. Initially, it was a lot to keep up with. Now however, it has become quite predictable. These are all the sounds of a Marxists agenda that can have no good outcome - unless you enjoy chaos and the careless discarding of our carefully cobbled together civilization. I keep quietly hoping that his behaviour is the result of a naive desire to exploit a childish feel-good brand of populism. I worry, though, that there is something darker at work.                                 


The proper way to run a society is to base it on the individual. Don't tell me about your identity and I won't tell you about mine, and we can treat each other with courtesy and respect and as individuals. Be suspicious of people who claim to be a representative of an identifiable group or who talk too much about equality or oppression.


I will never forget when Chris Wallace asked Morgan Freeman how the problem of racism in the US might be solved. Mr. Freeman, very assertively, replied by saying that the solution was to stop talking about it and to treat each other as individuals. Now, I will grant you, that Mr. Freeman might be older, wiser, and more intelligent than Justin Trudeau; however, there is no reason that Mr. Trudeau cannot grasp this simple and just concept. He would be doing himself and the whole country a favour if he would give up the identity-politics game.           


Jonathon Kneeland

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