The CBC's Silence on the Far Left

Anyone who follows politics closely is well aware of the deep divisions between the Far Left and the Far Right. And while our cherished public broadcaster is thorough and aggressive in rooting out bizarre and extreme behaviour on the Right, as it should be, we hear next to nothing from them on the Far Left. I say next to nothing when in actuality I see nothing at all from them on the Far Left; although, I am holding out hope that I am mistaken and that someone will come along and correct me.


Some readers here will be familiar with Professor Bret Weinstein of Evergreen College in Washington State. If you have relied on the CBC for your news and information then you likely have not heard of him. If you are Canadian and relying on the CBC for your news and information, then you have been funding your own echo-chamber prison through your tax dollars.


Professor Weinstein was - according to the Left, and is - according to himself, a Liberal. He was highly progressive and he was well liked by his students and he loved his job. By all accounts, he fell solidly into the Left. However, as with all dogmatic and emotionally-charged ideologies, the Far Left needed to keep feeding its growing machine. If you read The Gulag Archipelago you will see parallels between Stalin's secret police and the current Far Left in the way that once one group was rounded up, new enemies had to be created and eliminated - the machine has to grow or it collapses. It is no coincidence that some on the Far Left display the hammer & sickle.


Professor Weinstein's crime is to be found in his sticking to his principles and his belief that no person should ever be excluded from being in any location because of their race or the color of their skin. He feels that segregation is wrong and that no one should take part in it. This fell into direct conflict with a large and noisy - and eventually dangerous - movement on campus that decided that on a certain day, there would be no white people allowed on campus. He made a stand and said that he would attend his job and attend to his work on the day in question.


The bullying and harassment that followed is now infamous and is also very easy to find with a quick Google search. Mr. Weinstein had to flee the college and go into hiding. Students armed with baseball bats and other weapons were searching the campus for him, along with other possible dissenters of this vile racist and bullying scheme. I will not go into all of the details of what followed, as many major media outlets have discussed it in detail. Joe Rogan has a three hour podcast with Professor Weinstein and that is also easy to find and worth listening to.


Professor Weinstein is not at the college anymore. His students are being robbed of his instruction and dedication and he has been robbed of his employment. He is currently suing the College for 3.8 million dollars. All of this is public information and has been widely discussed by many sources. When I Googled "Bret Weinstein CBC", nothing from the CBC came up. When I went directly to the CBC's website and used their search tool, again, nothing came up. If you Google "CBC" and any major word in a story about the Far Right, the story comes up right away.  

I am very curious to know how the CBC chooses the stories it reports. I find it extremely unlikely that they are unaware of the Evergreen College story. There is a possibility that the CBC did report on the story and I am unaware - but then why does it not come up in their search or a Google search.


Jonathon Kneeland

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