Justin Trudeau's Gift to a Neighbourhood Near You

In prosperous and peaceful times it might very well be possible to have a narcissistic man-child run your country for a short period of time and not cause too much damage. Or at least it could be possible if sufficient restraints were put into place. This seems to not be the case, though, and Trudeau's distain for the common people, common human instincts and common sense has reached a new low. This new low comes in the form of Trudeau's plan to "reintegrate", into our decent and civilized society, those who decided that they prefer chaos, destruction and murder to civilization. Please remember, or forget if you can, that ISIS likes to lock fellow human beings, including children, in cages and then burn them alive. And how does our divine imbecile reconcile his constantly proclaimed support for the LGBT "community" with his open support for those who state that a violent and horrible death is the appropriate punishment for homosexuality?  How does he reconcile his grand claim of "male feminism" with that of his support for people who undertake brutal repression and violence towards females? Please tell us, Mr. Trudeau, which side you are on. You can't have it both ways.     


Justin Trudeau has decided to use our tax dollars to re-inject this deadly poison into our society because, as he puts it, “Ultimately, being open and respectful towards each other is much more powerful as a way to defuse hatred and anger than layering on big walls and oppressive policies...” It is clear from this statement that our Prime Minister does not possess the ability to recognize an enemy. It is also clear, based on the phrases that he chooses to spew forth, that he is likely a consumer of cheap and cheesy self-help and happiness books. This is a serious defect, and this defect will become the problem of your average Canadian, their children, and their children's children. Trudeau has now shown us that he is about as capable of protecting his country as a toddler would be of navigating the Arctic alone in a nuclear powered submarine. I'd put my money on the toddler in this case, because, while the odds might otherwise be equal, a toddler generally lacks the additional shackle of extreme arrogance. I respectfully submit, Justin, that you are incorrect. Your "openness and respectfulness" is actually far less effective than repressive policies combined with the skills of our Special Forces.           


When news first broke that ISIS had been defeated in many areas by brave and serious people from some of Earth's most decent civilizations, I wondered what position Canada might take on the idea of terrorists returning home. By the way, I refuse to call them "fighters", as our bloated and highly political public broadcaster likes to do. Whenever you hear someone use the term in the same sentence as ISIS, please correct them. Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I cannot refer to someone who deliberately sets out to kill children as a fighter. The brave men and women in our military are fighters and so are participants in combat sports who follow agreed upon rules of engagement. We should not allow the term to be degraded in this way. I have never heard of Clifford Olson or Ted Bundy being described as "fighters"; although, perhaps the CBC has sunk into such absurdity that it might now use the term to describe anyone who is far enough left and has become murderous as a result.


Could this be, I wondered, an opportunity for Canada to pull itself from the sea of embarrassment on which it now aimlessly drifts? Perhaps Trudeau might make a historic announcement, like the British did, and state that the correct action at this time was to hunt down and kill any known remaining terrorists. I very quickly cured myself of this naïve and overly optimistic notion by simply remembering back to another recent situation where Trudeau cheaply discarded an opportunity to demonstrate something other than his trademark childlike platitudes. As everyone knows, he chose to gift more than $10,000,000.00 to a known terrorist, rather than say what Canadians were waiting for him to say. What Trudeau should have said is that Canada will never give a penny to any terrorist, ever, for any reason. It was not long until I had my answer. Trudeau has decided, on your behalf my fellow citizen, that we shall coddle and nurture and grow our returning jihadis and that we will do it with taxpayer's money. And while Trudeau undertakes this immoral, feeble, nihilistic, careless, and self-serving project, he will virtue-signal about it as if it was some grand show of noble fortitude in the face of an ignorant mob.                  


Justin Trudeau and his henchmen have ensured us that the individuals in question will be monitored and that the citizens of Canada have nothing to worry about. First of all, I don't believe that they will be monitored, and even if I did believe them I wouldn't trust Trudeau's team to be competent in performing the task. However, just for argument sake, let's agree that the entire returning ISIS crew would be monitored sufficiently. How much would this cost taxpayers? If we add up the recent gifts that Trudeau has generously offered in compensation to other sadistic murderers who were made to feel uncomfortable, we instantly reach the following depressing conclusion: you and everyone you know, and their children, will work their whole lives and never even scratch the surface as far as being able to put that amount of money back into the public coffers. Is it possible for the Prime Minister to state anymore strongly that he is not on your side? I get the awful feeling that if you were attempting to scale a steep mountainside hill to escape a bear, our Prime Minister would happily stand at the top, throwing and kicking rocks at you while yelling self-help profundities that he picked up while watching Oprah. In spite of Justin Trudeau's good hair, powerful marketing team, flashy socks and mastery of cheesy phrases, I think that I must question his assertion that the government will be able to keep his newly adopted absurdity under control. That is to say, can we trust the Federal Government - an organization that has proven to be incapable of answering telephones or delivering mail satisfactorily - to monitor a sophisticated group of internationally connected murderers? Justin Trudeau would only need to spend about ten minutes on Wikipedia to have answers to all of my questions. While Wikipedia is helpful in this case, if you really want to see where we are headed, I recommend that every Canadian immediately buy and read Douglas Murray's The Strange Death of Europe. When you're done with it, give it to a friend. This book tells, with undeniable clarity, exactly where we are headed if we carry on with the foolishness of Trudeau and his ilk. Europe has had a good go with exactly the type of suicidal humanitarian endeavours that Trudeau is foisting onto Canadians at this moment and the results have been horrifying and deadly.       


Abdelhamid Abaaoud was born in Belgium in April of 1987. In 2013, when he was around 26 years old, he went to Syria to join ISIS. There are apparently photos of him handling bloody corpses and there is also apparently a diary entry where he brags about killing "infidels". Abaaoud then undertook his own reintegration plan - Trudeau was not there to help fund this one - and went back to Belgium later that same year.  In 2015, he was a major part of the Paris attacks that killed 130 innocent civilians and injured 413. One of the interesting components of this story is the fact that government agencies were aware of him and were also tracking him. Before the Paris attack he was stopped by a policeman but the policeman "failed to recognize him". Does anyone honestly think, even for a minute, that the risks associated with bringing terrorists into our country can be eliminated by large and cumbersome federal bureaucracies?


Justice and safety are innate human instincts and it's obvious that without them our species wouldn't have survived. There is no need to come up with elaborate schemes to avoid acting on these instincts because they can generally be trusted to guide our decisions. Trudeau's statement that, "...being open and respectful towards each other is much more powerful as a way to defuse hatred and anger..." might have been good language for someone writing the entrance exam for the Hitler appeaser's club in 1938, but it's not good language for our current situation. If you happen across someone that is going to burn children alive, and you possess the means, you will likely know instinctively that what's required is immediate force and not hopelessly vague pseudo-profundities. Anything else is immoral and anyone who flirts with opportunities to experiment with "diversity and inclusion" in that situation should be embarrassed to be alive.


Canadians have not asked Mr. Trudeau to reintegrate terrorists into our country. If you did a poll you would find that a large majority of Canadians do not want him to do it, and yet, he will do it anyway. His arrogant disregard for the safety of Canadians and for the integrity of our culture shows only that he is abysmally confused and morally corrupt, and that he cannot be trusted at the controls. On your next payday, look at the deductions section of your paystub. Think about how many hours you had to work in order to pay taxes so that you could contribute to your society. Then think about the fact that our Prime Minister wants to use that money to fund people who have clearly demonstrated that they hate our civilization and actively wish for its destruction. I have no idea what actually motivates Justin Trudeau to decide that it would be a good idea to import sadists and murderers into our communities on the taxpayer's dime. Hopefully he has motivated you to show up to vote in 2019 and make your feelings known. There is absolutely no question that Justin Trudeau is just one of the things that will have caused this lifelong Liberal supporter to vote for the Conservatives in the next federal election.


Jonathon Kneeland

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