Identity-Politics Index

After more than two decades of pumping identity-politics into our society, we are now beginning to experience the full effects of the doomed and idiotic experiment. While it might be successful in the short term for political figures to employ the identity-politics game, the damage to our society will far outlast any political term that they might hold.


It would almost be slightly reassuring if the political figures who spewed identity-politics were doing so out of simple idiocy; however, we know that that would be a naive assumption. The true nature of the situation is more likely to be that the practice is done intentionally and with the knowledge that it is corrupt and demagogic. In either case, the people practicing it ought not to be in public positions.


The purpose of this page is to rate political figures on their proclivity towards the corrupt and dangerous game of identity-politics. We will be using an index system that rates the individual between 1 and 6 in the following way:

1-    Publically states that the identity-politics game is sordid and corrupt and refuses to engage in it.  

2-    Appears to have no interest in the identity-politics game and does not play it.  

3-    Seems to be uninterested in the identity-politics game but might agree to some mild form of identity-politics when cornered by, say, an equity fanatic or a left-wing CBC or CNN talk-show host.

4-    Uses the identity-politics game just enough to get by - a go-along to get-along type. This type of figure is possibly morally corrupted, weak, or both.

5-    Frequently uses the identity-politics game and is adept at introducing it into conversations for the purpose of virtue-signalling. This is a corrupt and dangerous individual who cannot be trusted - they are happy to divide and degrade our society for their own short-term political gain while knowing full well what they are up to. This type of individual should never hold public office or be involved in creating public policy or law.

6-    All identity-politics all the time. This individual is always claiming to speak on behalf of one oppressed group or another and has no area of interest or knowledge other than identity-politics. It's pure virtue-signalling from morning till night. This type of dangerous demagogue is so corrupt that all they care about is power, and the identity-politics game is simply the current best way for them to attempt to achieve it. And again, this type of individual should never hold public office or be involved in creating public policy or law.  


It will be a very large undertaking to create this list and so feedback and help are welcome. If you disagree with a where a political figure has been placed on this index, please let us know. Also, if you would like to see a political figure on this list, please send us their name and we will do our best to research their public statements and get them on our list.   

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1.) Catherine McKenna   Rating: 5 - Dangerous

2.) Justin Trudeau   Rating: 6 - Extreme Danger